NZ school carpets – choose carefully with carpet tiles

NZ school carpets – choose carefully with carpet tiles

With the ever increasing pressure on school budgets, the choice of a good value school carpet becomes even more important. A school Board expects the new school carpet to last many years so a hard-wearing easy-to-clean, value-for-money carpet is essential. So if you are an architect or school building designer or have the job of specifying materials for a school building project, it is important to bear in mind a few key points about school carpet tiles.

Cleaning school carpets

School carpet tilesA school is one of the harshest environments for a carpet. The traffic is high and unlike most other settings for a carpet, the traffic is generally oblivious to the carpet underfoot as the children go from one room to another. At any age, the quality and life of carpet probably does not figure on children’s’ radars.

They will bring dirt, soil and mud from the outside play areas unaware of the potential damage to the carpet. Some may clean their shoes but it is likely to be a quick scrape of the shoe rather than a thorough clean so it is inevitable that abrasive particles will be brought in and then pressed into the carpet by all of the foot-traffic.

Therefore, school carpets need to be easy to clean for regular overnight vacuuming. The cleaning staff will be under pressure to clean as fast as possible so when specifying a carpet for a school redevelopment, make sure that you look at carpets that require simple maintenance rather than hard cleaning regimes.

Spot and stain removal

Almost as a consequence of the type of users of school carpeting are the inevitable marks, spots and stains that will be made.

The children, at whatever age, will drop or spill food, liquids, gum or many other materials which can cause markings and stains. The school will not want stains on a new carpe so it is important to specify carpets that respond to stain removal without being damaged.

Durability of school carpeting

A long-life is essential for school carpeting. Being able to easily remove dirt particles is one way of extending the suitable life of the carpet. Being able to easily remove stains is another.

There is another common cause of premature replacement of school carpets – water stains. In schools but especially schools for young children and in kindergartens, the risk of spilt water is much higher. Using a moisture-proofing treatment such as Aquaban vastly reduces the markings made by spilt water and therefore extends the usable life of the carpet.

Working environment

An increasing issue for school administrators and therefore for specifiers of school carpet is the topic of the working environment. As more children develop allergies and staff are more concerned about the air quality of their working environment, it is important to be able to remove unpleasant odours which can get trapped in carpet.

This is especially the case in educational establishments where frequent cleaning is needed to clear mess and spillages from the children. In this case, treating the carpet with an atmosphere enhancing treatment like Odourban can absorb and neutralize odours such as ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and formaldehyde. This helps to meet air quality compliance requirements for educational facilities.


Before recommending school carpet, it is necessary to consider the durability, the ease of cleaning and the resistance to staining, water spillages and odour repellants. One of the best options for people responsible for buying carpeting in schools is to look at NZ school carpet tiles.

These answer all of the concerns people have about carpet and floor coverings for schools including durability, ease of maintenance and of course the low cost replacement of any damaged or stained flooring. From every perspective, carpet tiles provide the best answer for school managers and Boards who are looking to purchase new floor covering in their school.

School carpet tileYou can even find a massive range of different colours and patterns so that you can recreate your school logo or match the floor to your school colours. Whether you want red, blue green, black or just about any other colour, there are carpet tiles to suit your needs.

Be careful about the carpet tiles you choose

It needs to be stressed that regular domestic carpet tiles you can find in the carpet stores are not going to be suitable. You should look for commercial grade carpet tiles. One of the leading suppliers of these is Carlisle Commercial Carpet in Auckland. However they do service the whole of New Zealand with school carpeting. So visit their website and get a few ideas then give them a call to talk about school carpet tiles.