Why Do People Like To Hear Celebrity Speakers?

Why Do People Like To Hear Celebrity Speakers?

You have probably experienced this. When you know that a famous person is in town and that they will be speaking at a certain public function, you have the urge to go see this celebrity in person. There is something about a celebrity that always draws a crowd. Why is that?

Comedienne and celebrity speaker

Michelle A’Court – comedienne and speaker

Celebrities are people whom you get to know because of what you hear or see in the media. Movie stars, professional athletes, politicians, etc. all fall into this category. You hear so much about them that you feel like you practically know them. However, it seems like they live in a different world as we hear about the millions of dollars that these celebrities make and about their lavish lifestyles. For many ordinary people in the street, they live their lives vicariously through these celebrities.

This is a psychological effect, and a type of obsession. Everyone has some form of it. The more severe cases turn people into fanatics. That is where the word “fans” comes from. A fan makes a connection with the celebrity maybe because he likes a sports figure and he is emotionally invested in his success. When the sports figure does well, the fan is happy. When he loses, the fan is sad. There is an emotional connection.

That goes with any type of celebrity. Fans of celebrities invest their emotions into the lives of these famous people, for one reason or another. Maybe they liked the character that the movie star played in a blockbuster movie. It is easy to emotionally mix up the real person with the character that he plays on screen. This starts at a very young age. A child sees in person the actor who played his super hero and he says “Spiderman!” and not the real actor’s name.

So when a famous celebrity is here in person, people want to solidify that emotional connection and want to go see them in person. Corporations know this affects the public and that is why they have so many celebrity endorsements for their products. Companies need publicity for their businesses. They want to draw a crowd. A celebrity can do just that for them, just by the mention of the name.

Of course, a company must make sure that the celebrity has a positive image and that he is well-liked with the public. We saw many sponsors end their association with Tiger Woods after his unhappy public revelations. People will make the association of the good celebrities with the company, and they will transfer that good feeling to the company’s business or product. They may even buy the product that the celebrity is endorsing because if that lotion can help make the actress so beautiful, it can do the same for you too, right?

celebrity speaker in NZ

Tim Shadbolt – celebrity speaker in NZ

That is the thought process behind companies using celebrities to endorse a product, or just to push out a message that it wants the public to hear. It is the psychology of the mind. When a person has harbored an image of a famous person for so long, he wants to take that one step further and want to be in the same room room with the celebrity.

So, whenever an event needs attention, whether it is a fundraiser, celebration, or any kind of event that the sponsor wants to draw in a crowd, promoting it with the name of a celebrity will draw in a lot of people. This is just how human nature works. It has been this way in human kind for eons. The trend of using celebrity speakers will not end because people’s human nature is not going to change any time soon.

If you have a product launch or some other form of major event for your business, then seriously consider hiring a celebrity speaker. You can get some ideas of the types of available celebrity speakers in NZ from this site.


Celebrity Speakers – How They Influence Events

Celebrity Speakers – How They Influence Events

The popularity of calling in celebrity speakers for talks at events is on the rise. Celebrities are well known people, be it actors, actresses, musicians, politicians, activists, athletes and even Internet entrepreneurs. They are popular for speaking events due to the fact, that a celebrity speaker can have a major influence on the guests at an event. Celebrities are powerful speakers, and can give your event that extra “oomph” that makes it memorable for your attendees.

People book famous speakers to come and speak at their events for two simple reasons.

Rhys Darby Celebrity speaker

Rhys Darby Celebrity speaker

The involvement of the celebrity itself attracts people to come plus they have the power to influence the attendees. And this is the main reason why most organisers are keen to book celebrities for their events, conferences, dinners or promotional launches. They are so influential it is worth the payment or booking fee to get them to attend and speak at your event. After all, the speaker makes your event memorable and this is whether the speaker is good or bad.

Celeb speakers are able to offer a whole different feel for the audiences. A lot of people find it easy to relate to celebrities, no matter how different they are. This is because celebrities usually know how to create a sense of familiarity which people like and respond to. For example, the celebrity could inspire people with their own story of how they overcame the odds to succeed. The famous speaker could talk about their own motivation or what has enabled them to press on in the face of adversity. The audience can clearly benefit from hearing that type of achievement. Another angle that the celebrity could give is tips and guidelines. These are especially popular with well-known business speakers where they can show how they came to prominence in their field of endeavour. When these ideas come from such an authority or influential figure, people would be more likely to remember and maybe to apply those tips.

People also like celebrities simply because they are well-known. Psychologically, people always want to flock to something or someone that is widely recognised. People love to be associated with famous people – and even by being in an event when the celebrity is there makes them happy. Think how people say “I was at the football and saw XYZ from the TV in the crowd.” People love to get any association they can with celebrities no matter how distant it actually is – people love to be associated to celebrities.

Speakers are booked for many kinds of events. Whether it is a promotional event, a motivational event, an informational event, or even charity events, a celebrity will make a great addition to an event’s attraction. Try to hook in celebrity speakers to draw a bigger crowd, create buzz, gather more media attention and influence the audience at your event.

Shane Cortese  NZ celebrity speaker MC

Shane Cortese NZ celebrity speaker MC

Of course it is almost impossible to make contact with a famous person to try to hire them to speak at your event. Even with social media it is very difficult. The best way to book a celebrity speaker is to go through the speaker’s agents (also known as a speaker bureau). This agent is usually different fro their acting or music agent and is a company that specialises in booking speaking engagements for speakers of all types.

If you are in the market to hire a celebrity speaker in Auckland or anywhere in NZ, this agency, ICMI, can help. They represent hundreds of different speakers so click through to their website http://www.icmi.co.nz/and browse some of the celebrities they have on their books.

Booking A Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speakers – Reasons To Use Them

Motivational speaker


If you are the owner of a company and you would like to improve the morale and productivity of your workers, one of the easiest ways to inspire your employees to go above and beyond expectations is to work with motivational speakers. By having one come to your establishment to speak with the people in your company, it can sometimes have a positive effect in the way that they operate while at work. Likewise, if you are running a business on your own, or if you are simply an average person trying to get more out of life, motivational speakers can sometimes change the way that you process and think about life, allowing you to reach your highest expectations. This article will discuss the reasons that motivational speakers are so important for businesses, and also individuals. Here are a few tips that you should go in regard to choosing a motivational speaker to boost the motivation and morale of those in your company, or even yourself.

Motivational Speakers For Businesses Today

One of the primary reasons that some companies are able to reach greater heights than their competitors is because they care about their employees. Sometimes it is not enough to give extra bonuses for excellent work that they have done, but to give them something that their mind can feast upon. Human beings operate upon emotion, and therefore to improve the way your employees are functioning, a motivational speaker can inspire them to do so much more. Most people get caught up in a routine, may feel trapped in their place of employment, and as a result, will have problems keeping up. They may find themselves staring at their computer, not knowing how to motivate themselves to do their job. However, by bringing in a motivational speaker, you can inspire people through imagery and emotions with the words that the speaker will use. These individuals are highly skilled at getting people to operate at higher levels, which is why many companies contract with these individuals to improve their bottom line.

Motivational Speakers For Individuals

If you are an individual that is running a company, or a business, on your own, you might want to consider going to a motivational speaker conference to improve the way that you think. If you find yourself becoming despondent about how unsuccessful your business is, or the way that you are operating your own home business, by speaking with a motivational speaker, or going to a seminar, you have the potential for changing your life in a positive way. They can get you to think about the positive things, and make choices that will keep you moving forward toward your goal of financial freedom or success. By using their words, and inspiring you through their stories and demonstrations, it can improve your life in unimaginable ways.

How To Choose A Motivational Speaker

In order to choose the best person for this type of activity, you need to consider the reputation of motivational speakers near you. Some of the greatest motivational speakers, including Tony Robbins, can only be accessed by extremely wealthy individuals on a one-on-one basis. Therefore, you might want to consider going to an event that a well-known speaker is doing in your area. Or, if you can find someone local that also has a great reputation, but is lesser-known, they may be affordable enough to help your company, or you, improve your productivity levels. You can usually find these speakers on the Internet, most of which will have a website with their speaking schedule and their rates. By contacting the one that has the best reputation online, you can quickly find someone to improve your company and life.

An easier way to find a motivational speaker

It can take a considerable amount of time searching for suitable speakers. You have to find them first, then make a short-list and then contact them to discuss your project. Finally you have to arrange the actual booking. However an easier way is to go to an agency known as a speaker bureau.

Motivational speaker

Get motivated to take action

When you tell them about your event they will have a good idea about which motivational speaker will be good for your audience.  After all, they have worked with lots of speakers and booked them into hundreds of different speaking engagements. They know what audiences want and the best speaker to match that audience.

One of the biggest speaker agencies in NZ is ICMI. You can find them here at their website http://www.icmi.co.nz/. They can arrange speakers for most events in New Zealand and can also bring in major motivational speakers from Australia and other countries too.

In summary

Motivational speakers are individuals that truly have a gift. They are able to take someone that is average, and make them into a superstar. If this is possible for your workers, or even for yourself, your business will definitely benefit from the activities of those that are able to perform at higher levels, and will do so because of how motivated they will feel. Hopefully this information on finding a motivational speaker will allow you to consider using one. It may be the most important decision that you ever make for yourself and your company.

Inspirational Speaker to speak at events

Inspirational Speaker to speak at events

People often look forward to going to conferences to meet colleagues, learn from mentors and to hear some good speakers. Their motivations for going are varied though. They may be going to learn or perhaps it is part of their personal development programme at their place of work. Whatever the reasons people go to these events, unfortunately, many of the speakers can be incredibly dull. But when there is a truly inspirational speaker, then that presentation will stand out. If you are organising a conference or other major event and need an inspiring speaker, then the following article may help.

Traits of a good inspirational speaker

The speaker’s voice

Obviously, we go to hear a speaker speak. We have all heard and met people who have very boring voices. They speak in a flat monotone with little or no excitement or energy in their presentation. This type of speaker is guaranteed to send your audience to sleep. So look for a speaker who injects vitality into their speaking. Their voice will rise and fall in tonality to create drama. They will use changes in volume to create tension. A really good speaker will also use pauses which will capture the attention of the audience by creating expectation and further dramatic effect as on the delegates wonder what is coming next. A long pause can make the attendees wonder if the presenter has forgotten their lines. Whatever, pauses and tonality make a speaker much more interesting so get hold of a sample of their speaking so you can gauge for yourself.

Inspirational speaker

Get inspired – image artur84

Next, you want a speaker who engages physically with the audience. This does not mean that they actually touch any delegates but rather they use their body and movement to build attention. For example, a good speaker will not have a podium in front of them. They will walk around the stage getting close to people across the entire width of the auditorium. This makes people feel part of the speaker’s presentation. Also bold gestures bring energy to a speaking presentation. People are quite small on a large stage so these big movements in fact do not look exaggerated.

Good body language is another attribute of a good speaker. They will make eye contact with individual members of the audience so that those people feel that the speaker is actually talking to that one person.   Having an open posture also helps rather than standing with their arms folded. These subtle movements make a huge difference in the way the audience receives the message of the different speakers.

Some inspirational speakers will mingle among the audience before they go on stage. This enables them to engage with people directly and to get an understanding of what members are looking for. They can also refer to those people during their speech. This builds rapport and makes the speaker appear as one-of-them rather than a superstar speaker.

Another way to appear like to the delegates is to dress in a similar manner. It is not always appropriate to dress in a suit and tie. Some audiences or events are more casual and in this situation, a more relaxed style of dress will help endear the speaker to the audience members.

Inspirational speakers – in summary

Inspiration for your goals

Goals – image Stuart Miles

Having a good speaker at your event can be the deciding factor between great event and a forgettable one. We have seen some of the reasons and how to identify a speaker that will inspire and engage with your audience.

Clearly you can look for an inspirational speaker yourself but for many people, they would not know where to start. The easiest way is to contact a booking agency for speakers. These offices are known as speaker bureaus. One of the most respected bureaus in New Zealand is ICMI Speakers. They can advise on a speaker that will suit your event and then arrange the booking for you. This is ICMI’s website.